Proudly Australian made and owned for over 20 years, the Gold Coast’s Alpha-H is regarded as a global leader in corrective and preventative skincare. They create products that are made from a concentrated and balanced combination of cosmeceutical and natural ingredients - offering solutions for skin concerns, not just bandaids.

Stocked in over 25 countries at prestige clinics, exclusive day spas and giant cosmetic retailers, their best selling resurfacing treatment 'Liquid Gold' has become a 'cult' beauty classic, with two bottles sold every minute and Harper’s Bazaar naming it "bottled brilliance". 

Alpha-H believe in creating products that meet the following criteria:

Simplicity - No one has time for complicated beauty routines and no one wants to wait to see results. Therefore their products are easy to use and are multi-functional. 

Integrity - They use high percentages of active ingredients and keep their price points honest. They believe that everyone is entitled to great skin regardless of budget. 

Transparency - They have open communication with their customers and remain accountable for the products they create. They deliver on the promise of better functioning skin.

Minimal - They let their products do the talking not their packaging. Alpha-H stands for understated elegance and intelligence, with packaging that is clean and smart without being over the top.

Result Driven - Above all they are passionate about skin and are dedicated to creating products that produce clinical results and solutions for your skin concerns.

Alpha-H is available at:
And at various retailers throughout Australia

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