Best Australian Fashion Brands - Basics

Looking for a simple white tee, a denim button up, the perfect pair of jeans, an easy-to-wear day dress, shorts you can throw on when picking up the groceries that still look stylish ... ? Well look no further, here are the best Australian fashion brands that offer high quality basics.

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assembly label.jpg

Assembly Label was established in 2011 in Sydney. They create minimalist clothing for every day relaxed living. Each piece is made from only the highest quality materials whilst still being affordable.


Akazi clothing is thoughtfully crafted to not only be comfortable and luxurious, but made to last - all thanks to the quality plant-based fabrics they use.

outland denim.jpg

outland denim
Mount Tamborine's Outland Denim encourages people to consume less and buy ethically made, quality products that promote human dignity.


Rowie is the brainchild of Byron Bay native - Rowie Moore. Rowie has been cultivating her craft for many years to create her range of relaxed yet sophisticated fashion made from natural fabrics.

the bare road.jpg

The Bare Road
Hailing from Byron Bay, The Bare Road focus on creating well-made, long-lasting staples that are relaxed yet refined, influenced by the Australian ocean paradise we call home.

zulu and zephyr

Zulu and Zephyr
Zulu and Zephyr are made for the sun, the sand and the sea. They are all about relaxed silhouettes, unique prints, textures, high quality fabrics and clever designs.

yoli and otis.jpg

Establied in 2014 in Byron Bay, Yoli and Otis are well-known for their stand-out plant dyed and ethically made clothing for not just women, but also children.

rebel and stone.jpg

Gold Coast's Rebel and Stone are inspired by their home - a city by the sea - and create effortless essentials and elevated statement pieces with a strong focus on comfort, easy-to-wear silhouettes and quality fabrics.


bassike was established in 2006 and has a philosophy that centers around high-end design and construction with a commitment to sustainable manufacturing.

Created out of a love for making old things new, Ryder draws from vintage inspirations and showcases a quintessential Australian style.

From Byron Bay and inspired by nature and the ocean, Opia create sustainable, simplistic, delicate clothing made from plant based materials. Their designs flatter all shapes and sizes and are designed to be timeless.

camilla and marc.jpg

Camilla and marc
Created by siblings Camilla Freeman-Topper and Marc Freeman in 2003, Camilla & Marc's philosophy centres around offering high-end yet simplistic design and construction that allows the wearer to shine through.

nobody denim.jpg

nobody denim
Nobody Denim is a family-built denim company that was founded in Melbourne in 1999. Their aim is to deliver the perfect fit using the best materials and supporting ethical labour practices.


Paying homage to the eras when jeans came into their own, Rolla's is a classic denim brand celebrating authenticity and simplicity and applying it to a frivolous and free modern lifestyle.

oakie the label.jpg

oakie the label
Oakie is independently owned and based in south Queensland. Their eco pieces are a contrast of warm and earthy tones combined with purely raw and unique creations.

frances hendrie.jpg

frances hendrie
Brisbane-based Frances Hendrie create a range of high quality, yet affordable quintessential luxury t-shirts.

lilla by fia.jpg

lilla by fia
Using natural dying methods and fabrics such as hemp and organic cotton, Lilla by Fia is an eco-conscience brand that create simplistic pieces.

before anyone else.png

before anyone else
Before Anyone Else was established in Noosa from a passion for quality, function and style. Their designs are created for the contemporary woman and are modern yet timeless.

the fable.jpg

the fable
Born from the struggle to find the perfect silk shirt, The Fable offers high quality, ethically made silk shirts in an array of colours at affordable prices.