Edible Beauty Australia

edible beauty

Edible Beauty Australia offers "edible" skincare products, pure baby skincare and beauty teas that contain therapeutic botanicals and wildcrafted Australian ingredients - all designed to have you glowing both inside and out.

They believe that if you wouldn’t eat a skincare product, then you shouldn't put it on your skin. Makes sense! 

Their beautiful products are made using the highest grade plant-based ingredients. These ingredients are unique in their abundance of antioxidants because they can survive in the harsh conditions of this great southern land. This defence system transfers to our skin, resulting in potent therapeutic and regenerating actions.

Their products are ethically made and cruelty free, and free from Parabens, Sulfates, Petrochemicals, Artificial Fragrances, EDTAs, Preservatives, Silicones, Benzyl Alcohol, Aluminium, Synthetic Dyes and Triclosan.


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