Gemma Vendetta

South Australia's Gemma Vendetta is on a mission to provide high quality, high definition, safe, gender-neutral, 100% vegan and cruelty free mineral cosmetics to those who care about themselves, animals and the planet.

Started in 2016 following a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis, Gemma creating her range due to her own growing consciousness of how saturated the cosmetics industry is with unnecessary, toxic ingredients. Realising that every day we are exposed to a myriad of nasty chemicals that we absorb and that accumulate in our immune systems, which can disrupt hormones, effect the holistic functions of the central nervous system, and exacerbate skin conditions.

Gemma believes that a natural approach to makeup doesn't mean compromising on quality and her own health (10 years without a relapse, and 2 years without any disease progression!) and her products are the proof. They all work harmoniously with your body and the environment, and consistently perform at a professional-HD level without interfering with your body's immune system.

All products are certified organic and made in Australia, and contain no chemicals, no nano-particles, no cheap fillers, no synthetic fragrances, no parabens or petrochemicals, no SLS or SLES, no mineral oil, no palm oil and are never tested on animals. 

Gemma Vendetta is available at:
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