La Luna Rose

La Luna Rose designs accessories for the adventure seeker and dream chaser and believe in not taking life too seriously. Created by Rosie Shelton, on offer is a collection of beautiful fine necklaces, rings, earrings and collectable charms in silver, rose-gold and 18kt gold. 

Designed between Melbourne and New Zealand and lovingly produced by a handful of artisans in Bali, La Luna Rose strongly believes in ensuring their jewellery is produced in an ethical and sustainable way, and here's how they do just that -

  • They are dedicated to small-scale production and currently work with a team of just four.
  • They have been working with the same silversmiths and bead-workers since they launched in 2013 and have strong working relationships built on mutual trust and respect. 
  • They use 99% recycled silver for the casting of their pieces. Instead of ending up in landfill, this precious metal is extracted from items such as electronic and electrical scraps and ex-jewellery.
  • Any leftover stock is melted down and re-used for new seasons, creating a fully closed loop.
  • Where possible, they only use recycled paper.
  • They support the 1% For the Planet global movement. Through this movement, La Luna Rose has pledged to donate 1% of their annual sales to two charities very close to their heart and home - Bye Bye Plastic and Sustainable Coastlines NZ.

La Luna Rose is available at:

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