One Seed Perfumes

One Seed Perfumes create natural perfumes and body elixirs that smell as good as they make you feel. Since 2009 they have been designing and making their botanical and cruelty-free products in their studio in Adelaide, South Australia.

With blends that are woody, floral, fresh and oriental, they’ve developed a range of fragrances that appeal to everyone.

They believe that the natural world has given them the tools they need to create the best smelling perfumes possible. Using all-natural ingredients with at least 80% organic content, their perfumes are gentle on both your skin and the environment.

You can also design your own signature fragrance thanks to One Seed's 'Online Scent Bar'. Simply choose several natural extracts from their perfume library and they will blend them just for you. 

Smell amazing. Be well. Do good.

One Seed Perfumes are available at:
And at various retailers throughout Australia

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