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Created in Noosa (Sunshine Coast, Queensland), Saya offers a range of beautiful, plant-based, organic skincare that is not tested on animals.

They use unique and advanced formulas that harness the power of Australian native botanicals, to give results that for a long time were thought could only be achieved with synthetic ingredients. Nope! Saya knows that mother nature has been patiently providing all the active ingredients we've ever needed to create effective skincare. Ingredients that are potent in nutrients, rich in antioxidants and bio-actives - and that all perform harmoniously with the complexities of skin. 

Saya use a wide range of native ingredients, such as Illawarra Flame Tree, Kakadu Plum, Desert Rose, Aloe Vera and Marshmallow - these active ingredients protect, hydrate, restore, strengthen, nourish, balance and heal skin.

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