Sienna Byron Bay

sienna byron bay

Hailing from Byron Bay in New South Wales, Sienna nail polishes have grown beyond the shire and now are stocked all around Australia and internationally. These beautiful eco-friendly, non-toxic, vegan, animal-cruelty-free polishes are the cleanest on the market - you won't find any trace of the typical toxic chemicals that are found in many other polishes. 

In addition, most of the components used in Sienna nail polishes are sourced from Australia. The timber cap is from a non-native tree (removed for forest sustainability and rejuvenation reasons only) and is hand-picked for its grain and colour qualities. 

But most importantly, the polish itself is beautiful. It goes on so easy with no streaking, and they offer a gorgeous range of colours perfect for every day.

Sienna Byron Bay is available at:
And at various retailers throughout Australia

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