Sunday Lane Studio

sunday lane studio - aries print

Sunday Lane Studio is a Brisbane creative studio owned by Caitlyn Johansen. Driven by love and wild dreams, Caitlyn has a passion for pretty projects and is a believer in creating rare products, including her zodiac prints.

The prints are so simple, yet oh so beautiful, and are are filled with words of inspiration and encouragement - something that never ever goes astray in this world!

Aries ...

The Aries woman is built from fire. She is independent, strong and focused. She is all or nothing. She is filled with ambition and passion. With the energies of a springtime ram, her brave heart can accomplish anything. She is an inspiration to other women. She is bold and spontaneous, a fearless warrior. 'Her courage was her crown and she wore it like a queen.'* Ruled by Mars, her great energy and enthusiasm to take charge of her own life means she believes in her dreams and ambitions. 

She can handle the strongest of passions, excitements and temptations. She is resilient and resourceful. Aries is quite the force to be reckoned with, and the Aries woman is no different. 'Girl, you were born with a fire inside you and this world is determined to stamp it out' **. She chases freedom and success. She is fiercely loyal. Courageous, confident and self-assured, she is an alpha female. She is extroverted and assertive, the boss, the hunter. Uncomplicated and impulsive, the Aries woman isn't afraid of taking risks. She will master the chaos in her, she is not thrown into the fire, she is the fire.

* Atticus ** Nikita Gill

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