The Bare Road

The Bare Road is the ultimate basics lifestyle brand. Focusing on providing quality, classic, textured and long-lasting staples that can be worn forever, they are based in Byron Bay, New South Wales. The relaxed yet refined feel of this coastal town can truly be seen in their collections. 

They aim to produce their wares as sustainably and ethically as possible by employing the following practices -

- They have worked with a group of workers in a small village in Bali for almost a decade and each piece of clothing is hand dyed and hand printed.
- They aim to keep dying to a minimum and use woven fabrics, cottons and linens as much as possible.
- Off-cut fabrics are donated to workers so that they can make traditional clothes for themselves and the local village.
- They sea-freight the bulk of their shipments in order to reduce their carbon footprint.
- They are dedicated to small scale production because it helps eliminate the negative environmental impact and ensures that workers are not over-worked.
- They regularly visit the manufacturing team and know they are treated fairly, have good working conditions, and are paid above the minimum wage.
- They contribute '1% for The Planet' to the 'Take 3 for The Sea' non-profit organisation. This initiative started in 2009 and has a simple premise - take three pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach. 

The Bare Road is run by a small team of like minded individuals with a genuine love for what they do. From a barefoot, sun-drenched heritage, their signature style has been seamlessly rendered into the label, representing an understated elegance for those who are true to themselves, who know their style, and wear it well. 

The Bare Road is available at:
And at various retailers throughout Australia

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