The Base Collective

the base collective

Melbourne's The Base Collective is all about simplicity, good vibes and keeping it real. They believe they can help you 'feel good from the outside in' all thanks to their natural and organic magnesium skincare products for women, men, children and even pets.

In case you have no idea what the big deal is with magnesium, here are some facts ... magnesium is a powerhouse mineral that has been linked to over 300 chemical reactions in bodies - including nerve transmission, muscle contraction and energy production. So if people (and animals) are low in it, all sorts of things can go wrong or not work properly, such as poor sleep, sugar cravings, anxiety and muscle cramps.

The Base Collective's products help get magnesium into the body easily, all thanks to their body washes, sprays, body balms and bath salts.

The Base Collective is available at:
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