Worn Store

Worn Store in Bangalow, New South Wales (and online) offers hand made, sustainable and socially responsible pieces for the home. Each item is designed to be understated and essential, and to be used over and over for years and years.

The by-product of owners Lia-Belle King and Lotte James Barnes’ desire to consume thoughtfully and less, each item is made to order. They work exclusively with small family owned businesses, respecting the time it takes for each piece to be made by one single person.

Their makers do not use harmful dyes or toxic treatments, and they aim to keep a harmonious relationship with the environment and with the health of those making their products, and in turn the health of people who buy their products.

In addition to their handmade goods, they offer new and antique lifestyle accessories sourced from around the world.

3/8 - 10 Station Street, Bangalow, New South Wales

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