YCL Jewels

Gold Coast’s YCL Jewels is the brainchild of creative director and designer Fabienne. Inspired by timeless looks, the designs are made for women who love modern style fused with spiritual elements.

With a belief that the jewellery a woman wears evokes an energy about who she is and who she wants to be, each piece is designed in alignment with the energy centres of the body (chakras), and many pieces feature crystals that are specifically chosen to complement the wearers lifestyle.

In addition, all YCL jewels are made in limited numbers; are 100% cruelty-free; are not made from animal bi-products; use minimal packaging; and are manufactured consciously.

YCL Jewels is available at:
Showroom - 1/5 Coghill Drive, Currumbin Waters, Gold Coast, Queensland


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