Yoli and Otis

yoli and otis

Based in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Yoli and Otis are a beautiful company who make simple, neutral, wearable fashion-forward women's and children's clothing.

They believe in living naturally and therefore the textiles they use are organic and made from plants that are free from pesticides and genetic modification. Plus the dyes they use are chemical free and made from plants and herbs - which are also renowned for their medicinal benefits.

In addition, Yoli and Otis truly care for the environment and therefore their packaging is made from recycled materials, and waste water and solids used in production are recycled back into the production process.

But the best part is that Yoli and Otis not only create clothing that makes you (and your children, and the environment) feel good, but also look good!

Yoli and Otis is available at:
Flagship store - 2/97 Centennial Circuit, Byron Bay, New South Wales
And at various retailers throughout Australia

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